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Any Professional That Wants Their Professional Profile Online

The Digital Business Card is perfect for any that want to get their Side Hustle or Business Online affordably, so that you can be found. It can also be used to promote YOU if you work for a large company. A Digital Business Card will allow you to stand out in a crowd of professionals which makes you unique and still link to your company.

Its perfect for Automotive Sales or Insurance Professionals that want to share their Personal Brand while building a list of potential contacts with the Digital Business Card along with the SMS AutoBot Software.

Its ideal for a parent that wants to hold your son or daughters domain name, if they are a rising athlete, academic scholar or about to Graduate from College...ITS THE PERFECT GRADUATE PRESENT!

PLEASE NOTE: You will be Billed Every Year the Annual Fee for the Standard Digital Business Card. All other Digital Business Cards will only be billed the Monthly Fee for the life of the Digital Business Card after the initial Setup & Development Fee.

Package Feature Options

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Your Domain* Your Domain* Your Domain*
Header Image Header Image Header Image
Profile Image Profile Image Profile Image
Full Name Full Name Full Name
Title or Slogan Title or Slogan Title or Slogan
4-8 Linked
Social Icons
4-8 Linked
Social Icons
4-12 Linked
Social Icons
Contact Button Contact Button Contact Button
Brief Bio Brief Bio Brief Bio
Google Map Google Map Google Map
Semi Annual Updates Quarterly Updates Monthly Updates
Contact Form Contact Form
Social Share Buttons Social Share Buttons
Custom Featured Share Image Custom Featured Share Image
Videos (up to 3) Videos (up to 3)
Two (2) Domain Email Addresses Two (2) Domain Email Addresses
Up To Six (6) Products and/or Services Image Links
Referral Program
$25 per Paid Referral
Referral Program
$25 per Paid Referral
Referral Program
$25 per Paid Referral
$125 Annual Fee $150 Setup Fee $199 Setup Fee
$0 per Month $15 per Month $29 per Month

*Your domain is NOT included into the price of any of the Digital Business Card Packages. You MUST purchase your domain separately.

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